Every Website Should Allow Ad Block

Postet on my Linkedin profile 5th of September 2021

By using Ad Block you can visit websites without being disrupted by flashing banners, annoying pop up ads, or get paused in the middle of a video you are watching.

Today, a lot of websites do not allow you to use Ad block, and the community is divided. The websites that do not allow you to use Ad Block work like this: «If you won’t see the ads, I won’t show you the content». 

Websites, journalists and content creators get a lot of their income by having advertising in their videos and banners on their websites. By using Ad Block you are literally getting their «product» for free some will say. But are you really I ask? Even if you block out the flashing ads you are still getting it merged into the videos by the creators talking about it or in sponsored blog posts made by the writer.

When I use ad block today I am using it to separate the bad and the good advertising and push the advertisers to make it better. Unfortunately, a lot of today’s adverting is so bad that millions of people are using Ad Block daily – why don’t we make better ads that people want to see, or at least do not block? If my job was to make sure the website kept its standard and credibility, I would never let bad ads ruin it.

By allowing Ad Block on every website we force the advertisers to make it better.

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